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Pattern Disruption 2019 Ritual Theater Workshop

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Interactive Theater~Ritual Performance~ Activism~Storytelling~Embodiment of the Divine~ & Healing through the Creative Process.



Shamanic Dolls is an interactive theater company devoted to the expansion of consciousness through the creative process. Our collaborative approach allows us to offer a powerful platform for artists to explore relevant topics in a unique and compelling way. Through workshops and performances we bring community together with deeply personalized  experience designs that speak  powerfully to the shifting awareness of our society, and the evolving wisdom of the individual.


Solstice Ball

Once, long ago, in a certain kingdom there lived a celebrated King. As was his pleasure, he called his subjects together to celebrate the coming of the high holidays.

Unbeknownst to him, there was a great stirring in the heavens. The Sun, having reached its dark solstice, had touched down in the deepest under realms. The wise and clever Moon found, in this, an opportunity. As she rose high in the sky, she blossomed in her ultimate fullness.

Whilst the King and his subjects bathed in their revelry, a great shift occurred which left them each transformed.


You are cordially invited to attend the
Shamanic Dolls Solstice Ball
~Full Moon Fairy Tale~
An immersive theater adventure.


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Eat My Magic

Eat My Magic
Lyrics: Melinda Cary
Vocals: Melinda Cary
Production: Johnny Questions
Guitar: Lucas Henderson
Mastering: Chris Cox Omega

Blue Morpho Butterfly

Written by Melinda Cary
Vocals- Melinda Cary
Producer- Andy Smart

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