Who Are We?

by Melinda Cary

Who Are We?

In a world of threads, joys, and dreads

we may be tattered clowns.

The bounty of branches and brambles and bones

encircle our heads like crowns.

Anointing our sisters, while well suited misters keep

tangling tongues with the fire-

We’ve no time to fear

for there’s magic in tears

true beauty never truly grows tired.

So, hanging our feather’s atop of our caps

We’ve embarked on a journey so sweet

that you’ll feel the ground rumble

as the paradigm crumbles

into patterns of light at your feet.

We entreat you, good fellows,

With whispers that bellow

through caverns of questions so deep

To join our sure cause.

Join the music that calls

to the dreamers no longer asleep.

We are armed with sure arrows

We stand braving the perils

In our boots and camisoles.

We are bonded to mystery,

To reclaiming our history,

We are the Shamanic Dolls.