Event Booking

Storytelling is the backbone of all Shamanic Dolls characters and performances. We have  diverse influences that include Butoh, flocking, clowning, drama, and dance. Interactive theater is part of ALL Shamanic Dolls experiences. We are available to perform and support ritual invocation and performance art installations.

With an ever growing repertoire of passion pieces to offer, we are able to  customize performances to your venue, time allotment, and event or festival needs best suit  your community.

Each performance is infused with ritual, magic, and LOVE.

Immersive Theater, Dance, Burlesque, Performances, Comedy, Music, Poetry, Ritual, Roaming Character, and more…

Full Productions

Solstice Ball:

This full length immersive and interactive theater adventure explores the realms of Fairy tales and folklore in new and exciting ways! Audiences participate in a festive and seasonal conjuring of the mystic winter solstice. Characters such as the Firebid, The Raven, the Trichantress, the Wolf and even the Selkie reveal their wisdom in a whimsical dream ballet.

Pattern Disruption:

Annual student showcase for our Ritual Theater Workshop Pattern Disruption. In this performance, graduates of the SDPD program co-create an immersive theater experience. Characters and performance materials are created by the actors by taking a shamanic journey through self-exploration and excavating new truths. Each Pattern Disruption performance is unique and infused with alchemy.


Our Shamanic Dolls talent showcase features beautifully personalized work by female artists, dancers and musicians. With a strong theme towards activism, each woman explores her own journey towards power through the shedding of her own skin.




Performance piece (30 minutes )-We explore the existing paradigm of CHOICE as told from the perspective of the sacred feminine. This ritual theater event creates a container where performers and audiences examine the impulses that guide their collective and personal relationship to CHOICE, and ushers in a new opportunity for TRUSTING intuitive wisdom.


Full length production (1 hour)– Ego and Soul are on a quest for connection, as the world around them intrudes with addiction, politics, stereotypes and desire. This piece includes several spoken word pieces, burlesque numbers, comedy sketches and live music.


Hecate- Ritual Narrator

Guardian and guide, this triple headed Goddess  acts as psychopomp to the dying constructs of past illusions. Leave your offering, and remember- “Don’t get stuck at the crossroads!”

Penelope’s America– Comedic Vaudeville

Once upon a time there was a lovely maiden who did everything right. She wove a fine tapestry for her beloved, but when he arrived, he was not what she expected.

Crow Woman

MC and Narrator

Dropped down through the portal, this starseed is navigating the realms of the cosmos. Mercurial transmssion to guide you on your Shamanic adventures

photo by Dan Chick



Stuck in a cycle of love addiction, this myrrhmaid yearns for a world without boundaries.

Blue Morpho 

Original Music/ Choreography

Mni Wiconi~water is life. Great Mother tells her sorrowful tale of the extinction of her creation, mourning the fragility of life. Meanwhile a great battle ensues between River Water and Black Oil Snake and their eternal fight for dominance.

Eat My Magic

Ensemble Choreography

Take a little spoonful let it light you right up. We eat it, eat it, eat it cause we can’t get enough! This Shamanic Dolls initiation casts a spell- enter the portal and eat the magic!  Join the legion of Eat My Magic dancers!