The Dolls… Who Are they?

Cybele de Blondeloch

Melinda Cary~ (Cybele de BlondLoch)

Writer, director, & performer, and storyteller.  Melinda Cary has been creating performance art since 2001. She has a BA in Musical Theater. Her unique approach to the creative process as a means to self-healing and societal change and enlightenment informs her work. As Artistic Director of Shamanic Dolls, Melinda supports participants in bringing their most precious stories to life. Previous collaborations include: artist in residence for The Shelter Theater ensemble in NYC, and The Alchemy in Hollywood, Teatro Korazon She has written and directed large and small scale productions for festivals, corporate events, parties, and theater venues in NYC, LA, Santa Barbara, Colorado and major festivals including Burningman. Melinda is a booking agent for Denver based performers.

Maria Flegas~ (Earthaerial Kartwheel ~ The Mercury Doll) 

Dancer,therapist, Butoh artist, and professor, Maria has a masters degree in dance therapy and teaches somatic studies and modern dance at several Universities, including CU Boulder. She has performed internationally as a dancer. She recently traveled to Palestine where she taught dance and freedom of expression as part of the “Dance For Peace” project. Maria’s somatic techniques guide participants through portals of embodiment from which deep creativity springs. A true priestess,she is an expert in guiding ritual, facilitation, and trained in the arts of divination.


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