Shamanic Dolls Workshops:

~Pattern Disruption: A Shamanic Journey through performative practices.  INTERRUPT the pattern, RE-DEFINE your own embodiment, and SHINE your light on something the world would have you hide away~
We believe in the creative process as a healing modality. 
We believe that by healing yourself and sharing your journey, you can heal others.
This workshop is designed for people inspired to shine their truth brightly and give voice to the intuitive.
The intention of this workshop it to ARM you with lasting tools, techniques, and practices that will enable you to powerfully CRAFT your ritual performance and ACTIVATE your unique performative signature.

In this workshop, students:

*Discover their cellular wisdom and excavate their unique interior archetypes
•Invent and refine a potent one-of-a-kind character
•Create and perform a solo performance as your character
•Learn and perform a group dance number with other embodied light beings!

•Dance forms-inspired by spatial relativity, modern, ballet, and various indigenous styles
•Somatic studies/ Bio-mechanics
•Butoh and ritual based performative practices
•Acting techniques such as substitutions, anchoring, tactics, Laban techniques, and more!
•Journaling assignments to develop character inner and outer realms
•Ritual craft and sacred object activation


Ritual Craft Series~ Seasonal gatherings for CReaTRIXes, Vow Takers, Cerimonial Dreamers, Weavers and Makers of all sorts. Ritual gatherings and visioning with a guided material craft and intention setting processes. Workshops are often held during astrologically auspicious days. Materials are included. Workshops include (but are not limited to)  Magic Candles, Bowls for Brigid, Mystic Staffs, Harvest Crowns, Behind the Mask, Re-purpose Your Wedding Dress, Sacred Egg, Alters, and of course, Shamanic Doll Making. See our event calendar for details of upcoming gatherings, or contact INFO@SHAMANICDOLLS.COM to schedule a private Ritual event.

Dance Session Series~ Dance offerings in Ballet, Modern, Heels/ Erotic, Temple Dance, Tribal-Fusion, Somatic Practice, Butoh, and Props. Visit the calendar for more information on dance classes, or email INFO@SHAMANICDOLLS.COM to book a class.

The Doll Wall~ This community art project is a radical reversal of the borders and division in our society. Through a ritual Shamanic Doll making process, we aim to highlight and celebrate the diversity and unique origin stories of our community. Our goal is to collect enough dolls to build a sacred, touring art installation that brings people together around the message of strength through diversity. For more information about this protest piece, and to get involved, please email INFO@SHAMANICDOLLS.COM with the header DOLL WALL.

Reclaim Your Wedding Dress~ Did you forget to marry yourself before you got married?  Single and want to make sure your identity stays intact when you meet that special someone? Reclaiming your sovereignty after being divorced? Stepping into something new and want to stay true to your inner core? Celebrating your Slutdom? All are welcome!
Make a statement in your life!
Be witnessed as you Celebrate who you are~

Unearth your old wedding dress, or find something newly beloved, worn, and ready to be re-made and wanted~
Cut it up, add some color, shred some lace, embellish until you find your inner lover.
Then take your place at the altar…and OWN your full, glorious, perfect life as we cast a circle of deep purposeful soul-intention in a saucy little communal ceremony!

See the calendar for upcoming Self~Matrimony events, or contact INFO@SHAMANICDOLLS.COM to book your own private event with a group of your friends!

Private Coaching~ 

  • One-on-one Public Speaking Coaching
  • Choreography sessions
  • Tarot Readings
  • Crystal Ball Soul Readings
  • Cranio-Sacral treatments