By Anastacia Dadashpour

Look at me! I am you and you are me. Look what we have created! Look at the power that we choose to wield, the control that we execute, the dominance that we enforce. 

Our government, the greatest arms dealer the world has ever seen, manufactures weapons, catalyzes crisis then sells them to other cruel and corrupt governments. Our tax dollars fund the dark imagination, construction and use of such weapons.

Do we believe that these weapons are made to protect us? From this? When we wake up and wipe the sleep from our eyes, we can see that these weapons are not for our defense, they are the gory offerings to our blood thirsty economy. 

Must we kill our enemy to be right? What do they have to say that we can’t hear? What we are afraid of? The bomb; a perfect symbol of the dominating, aggressive ego. It perpetrates, interrupts, dehumanizes. It is one sided. It fucks the earth and her people – it does not ask her consent. It does not cooperate with its target. Is our greed worth it? Who’s greed? My greed? Your greed?

We are in the throes of the convulsive death pangs of the dissolution of the old paradigm. This beast – the one that feeds on our unconscious participation in a system of domination will try to destroy all of us with it, as it dissipates in the uprising of our awareness. It knows it is dying and clings to hatred and cruelty with more determination than ever before as it melts into the dust of history.

Our psychology has been imbued with propaganda and brainwashed to muster our consent. But we are waking up! We see that the determination of our ego has brought us power, prestige and privilege. As we wake up from our outdated thinking we see that this same power can launch and propel our evolution. Our collective redesign, reimagining, accessing new vision, it is the innate perfection and highest knowing in us leading our the way into the future.

Our tribal warrior urges us to overcome the enemy – the illusion of separation. I can no longer tolerate unjust and immoral bloodshed in my name. My heart, mind and body say no! I reject all that separates us.

The veil of the crossroads has been lifted. We can no longer live in ignorance and delude ourselves from the reality of our actions. This is us, our money, our choice, our voice and our power.

It is us, the imagining cells of the great butterfly that can see the way. We have the power and determination to pivot into peace, collaboration and shared humanity. We are waking up to alternatives, channeling the future, cultivating beauty, and blossoming hope.

If you have found yourself here I invite you to rise up to the potency of yourself, your life and your contribution to this time. I ask that you live in the enormity of your potential, big and bold, act in determination and pride, armed with conviction and hope. Lets ripple the essence of our vision, of our light, our possibility into every crevice of our lives. We have the power of choice. To affect change through cooperation, investigation, communication and mobilization.

In each breath, each step and each moment we are creating a place where love dominates fear, hope destroys oppression and unity conquers separation. We are not feeble. Love is strength, evolution is power. Let us dance the world awake! I thank you! I love you!

Anastacia Dadashpour is a Mother, political activist, grant writer, dancer, and mountain mover! She has founded the Dance For Peace project, bridging culture gaps with refugee youths in Palestine. She is a primary writer and performer with Shamanic Dolls, Darshan Dance, and others. She is currently on the Denver Board for International Affairs.